Portfolio Companies

We've brought Astropreneurs to South Texas, and We've Grown a Few of Our Own.

Born out of expanding frontiers

Permittivity combines a licensed NASA technology with a team of seasoned experts to provide a novel and disruptive leak-detection system for industrial-containment solutions. Permittivity was born in 2019 when the team won first place at the Rockets and Rigs Technology Hack-a-Thon and continues to work closely with oil and gas industry leaders. Current leak detection methods have proven inadequate, resulting in spills that continually and irreparably contaminate groundwater supplies. Permittivity’s technology prevents further negative impact on the environment and saves its customers billions of dollars by providing unmatched remote industrial monitoring.

Born out of ExPANDINg Frontiers
AquaPura Technologies is a new startup based on commercializing NASA water purification technology. There is a trillion-dollar market for wastewater treatment and recovery, everything from battery manufacturing, to electricity generation, to the food and beverage industry, mining, textiles, and—especially in Texas—oil and gas drilling. New legislation and regulations are requiring wastewater industries to reuse their produced water and reduce the use of fresh water. Pura aims to develop mobile wastewater treatment systems that can work on site and are completely self-powered. The company is focused first on the Texas, Florida, California, and New Mexico markets, but has plans to expand internationally. AquaPura is a veteran-led company.

Recruited to ExPANDINg Frontiers

Lunar Station provides cutting-edge Lunar Environmental Intelligence for organizations planning and executing missions on the Moon. LSC offers a suite of solutions that generate 3D renderings, visualizations, reports, and analyses that provide optimal mission locations, safest navigational routes, immediate cost savings, and improved risk reduction. For lunar missions, having data is not enough. It’s how that data gets used that matters. Refining raw data into actionable intelligence is Lunar Station’s business. The Boston-based Lunar Station is a setting up a Texas outpost in Brownsville within Expanding Frontiers.

Recruited to ExPANDINg Frontiers

SpacedVentures is building the world’s largest community of space investors. A community that comes from a diverse set of social, economic, and national backgrounds, but all sharing a common goal – sending humanity to the stars. SpacedVentures expert advisor extensively vets startups in the launch, habitat, satellite, data, propulsion, and planetary disciplines within space. SpacedVentures is currently being incubated within Expanding Frontiers and has an office, as well as internships, in Brownsville.